April Love Hair Extensions =The Perfect Silky Straight Bunny Blonde 100% Human Hair 

 Believe me we know here at April Love Hair Extensions how hard it is to find that Perfect Light Icy Shade Of Blonde. No need to search the web anymore for countless hours trying to find that perfect color. We have it!!!

Have you ever ordered hair extensions #613 or #60 believing it is platinum blonde from the pictures the company posts on their website, but become extremely let down once your delivery arrives and you open up the package to find that it looks nothing like the color you saw and wanted. It is either too gold or too yellow and will not blend or match your own platinum blonde hair. Yes we know that feeling! I have been in the hair industry and wearing hair extensions personally for over 14 years now…. You name it I have tried every brand and method of hair extensions out there.  Realizing that I was not the only one frustrated with trying to find this bombshell blonde color I was on a mission! After many years of hard work and determination to achieve this perfect color in human hair extensions….. We are so excited to launch our new line of Bunny Blonde in Clip-Ins and I-Tips!

We offer our hair extensions in 18” and 22” Our Remy 100% Human Hair is AAAAA top quality!!!